The Core of the Information Age

Innovative ideas need innovative expression. Even if grammar remains almost static, the environment in which we form and communicate our ideas is today more dynamic than ever before. The art of moving technological ideas in linguistic space parallels the act of translating from one human language to another.

Technical translation in its purest sense may be well-suited to automated processing: Translating the phrase "Continue with enter" is a bit like shoeing a horse: After the fourth time, the mind begins to wander.

Translation in areas with high conceptual repetition (e.g. assembly instructions) can indeed be greatly simplified using automation. In fact, instruction sheets for the end-customers of one famous Swedish furniture vendor now make do entirely without written language.

But modern commodities typically exist in multiple dimensions - today a software product is as much a service embedded in a business process landscape as it is a unit of compiled source code. In addition to its core function, it will need social media allure, mobile portability, clear value creation and user appeal.

Mastery of the language of this multi-faceted commercial media environment is the challenge faced by the modern technical translator. Coupled with quality, speed and accuracy, this ability is my strength.

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